Speaking of Justice

Attorney Matt Barach, Family Law Guide to Appellate Practice

Episode Summary

In Season Two of Speaking of Justice host Mark Wahlstrom is joined by Nationally recognized author and Attorney Matthew P. Barach. Considered by many as “the fixer” in Massachusetts family law, Matt is an esteemed family law trial and appellate attorney as well as the Founder and Principal of Barach Law Group LLC, a boutique law firm dedicated to excellence in family law. His recent book, “The Family Law Guide to Appellate Practice,” published by the American Bar Association, shares Matt's family law appellate expertise with other lawyers, helping them to navigate this highly specialized and complex area of law.

Episode Notes

This episode looks into the area of Appellate Law in Family law matters. For non-lawyers simply note that this is the lawyer who helps you appeal a case or decision that has been handed down in family court.

The discussion is primarily around when to appeal, the potential costs and risks associated with an appeal and the process by which people should consider who to select as a lawyer in this area.

You can purchase " The Family Law Guide to Appellate Practice" or you can learn more about Attorney Barach by going to his firms web site at Barach Law Group, LLC.